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Andrometa's light steel structures worldwide: welcome to new International page!

01 февраля 2016

Innovative light steel structural systems of commercial and residential fast erected buildings by Andrometa LLC meet a growing interest not only in Russia and neighbor countries. Requests for our STERK® and STEELTOWN® solutions come from Northern and Central Africa, Middle Asia and even East Europe and their amount increases quite quickly.

To view English page (.pdf) please click here

To provide more simple and fiendish way of communications to our customers worldwide we have launched an International page in English at our web site.

Now you can get essential information about Andrometa light steel structures and technical details of our products lines:

- a new series of commercial buildings STERK® with entirely galvanized cold roll formed steel framing;

- multi-storey (up to 6) residential and social buildings with cold roll-formed galvanized steel framing (STEELTOWN® series);

- cold roll-formed galvanized steel Z-, С-, S- profiles and structural sections;

- profile sheets of improved shape for better water protection.

You also can learn Andrometa’s business profile and portfolio of projects for a variety of applications as industrial, logistic, agricultural, commercial and residential buildings.

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